Pimp out Your Marigolds


Every mom needs to have a good pair of rubber gloves. It’s not the most glamorous fashion accessory I will admit, but a most necessary piece of armour. They come in different colours, but yellow Marigolds seem more disposed to be sunny and germ-proof than say, the duller purples or greys. So I wage germ warfare with yellow.

I thought to myself this week, while dealing with a particularly evil and malodorous sort of unmentionable, that my Marigolds are in need of a pick-me-up. Something that can make me smile rather than groan when it’s time to bend below the sink and arm myself. So I got out my permanent marker and wrote a couple of bible verses on my gloves. The ones that remind me where this is all going. The ones which remind me that it’s not my strength, but His. The ones which remind me that these years of sacrifice and hard work will (hopefully) end up in kids that are secure and confident in God’s ever-present love, because their mom took the time to be around.


But, being “around” also means having to deal with aforesaid unmentionables, so it becomes necessary to find ways of keeping perspective, of keeping positive when there are very few things to feel positive about. It occurs to me that there are aspects of this in any walk of life – the things that we have to do which are unpleasant but necessary. I remember the time spent filing at the end of the day in my job at the BBC, or having to discipline unruly kids in the classroom during teaching, or just plain old waitressing.

Small pleasures can brighten the dull and unpleasant things, and help to bring perspective. Things like glimpses of sunflowers through the kitchen window, or a good cuppa tea. Or pimping out your Marigolds to remind you to have a sense of humour. Because, ultimately, it’s the things that are really important that are, well, the most important.



2 thoughts on “Pimp out Your Marigolds

  1. Dear Shirley
    Thank you for sharing your very inspiring blog. You are such a gifted writer and your message goes right to the heart. I have enjoyed my tea more lately and find more joy in all the little mundane chores that pop up during the day😊 Thank you for blessing me. XO

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