This blog is an attempt to win back a few moments from each frantic 24 hours that seems to whizz by….Primarily it is to savour, reflect and enjoy the fleeting moments of beauty that are sprinkled throughout the day. Too often they get lost in the whirlwind of chores, cooking, cleaning, budgets, admin, wiping noses and bottoms and all that goes into keeping everything ticking over in a family of five.

I tend to count it a good day if we’ve gotten to the end of it and everyone is fed, dressed, generally happy and more importantly, still in one piece! Secondly, this blog is so that I can share our lives more freely and openly with friends and family, most importantly, the kids’ grandparents, who live so far away – so often I feel lost without having these kindred spirits to look in on our little world. And thirdly this is an opportunity to claw back some creative time as I dedicate a little sliver of my week to writing.


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